School Library


Welcome to the library at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School.

My name is Mrs Domblides (known as Mrs D to the children) and I have worked as Librarian at St Peter’s since 2012.

The library has had a huge make-over since I started thanks to the fund-raising efforts of the “Friends of St Peter’s”.  It was decided that a theme was needed to engage the interest of the children hence the castle theme was born. We now have a fantastic library with new furniture and some amazing artwork.  The old books have slowly been replaced with new books and we now have new tables and chairs so that it can be used as a class study area.

Who can use the library and what is it used for?


In my experience, many children see a library as “just a place for books” and our aim is to change that perception and show them that a library is so much more. It is not “just a place for books”, it is part of school life and it is there for the children to use for pleasure and for study. The children can use it at lunchtimes and during timetabled visits by the classes. They can change books, finish home learning, read, use books for research/study or take part in one of the many competitions or challenges that we run from the library.

We currently run a story-time club for KS1 children on Monday’s after school from 3.15pm until 4.00pm. The aim of the club is to stimulate the children’s imagination by reading adventurous and entertaining stories to them. We want to make this as fun and exciting as possible which will hopefully lead them into wanting to read more. We have limited spaces available so this is offered on a first come first served basis.


The library is open to parents after school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3.15pm until 4.00pm. We want to encourage parents, guardians and grandparents to come in with their children to help them choose new books or to just sit and read with them. This is open to ALL year groups. 


Junior Librarians

Each Year we give children the opportunity to become junior librarians when they start year 5. They are trained by the previous junior librarians and are shown how the library works and key tasks such as issuing books, shelving books, helping other children, labelling books, helping with displays and putting together our library newsletter.  They have also helped to launch the Hampshire Picture Book Awards by reading the 4 nominated books to the year 1 children.

Our current junior librarians are: Rebecca Muwanga, Laurence Burrows, Louis Toy, Hariny Sthakaran, Ruth Boateng, Ruby Cole, Joseph Maple, Ana Pass-Alamo, Hannah Graham, Mia Banks.


Skills Lessons

We believe that it is important for the children to leave St Peter’s with a set of skills that will help them in their future learning. Each year group visit the library for between 4 to 5 weeks each year to learn some essential library skills which can range from “how to choose a good fiction book” to “Where do I find the information I am looking for?” We start with simple skills for the younger year groups, we invite them in to listen to stories and show them how to look after books. We have “friends” called Matilda the dragon and Merlin the wizard who both assist in their learning. For the older year groups we show them how to find fiction and non-fiction books, how to use non-fiction books for research and other skills that they may need when they leave St Peter’s.

Competitions and Events

We have a large display board in the library where we advertise forthcoming events and competitions and also display any competition winners.

Each month we display on the notice board our top 10 readers (1 for KS1 and 1 for KS2), authors and book titles. We also have 2 mascots, Jeffrey the monkey and Saffron the husky. Each month these mascots go to the class with the highest number of children that have borrowed books from our library.

We run lots of competitions from the library throughout the year, normally to coincide with events or dates such as Christmas, Easter, authors birthdays, world book day, anti-bullying week or even special events such as the world cup. We also run outside competitions for example; design a Christmas stamp for Royal Mail or “500 words” from Radio 2.

Book Review Challenge

Each year we run a book review challenge for year 2’s and also one for years 4/5/6. If they complete 3 book reviews, they will receive a certificate and a pack of colouring pens. If they complete 6 book reviews, they will receive another certificate and a surprise gift. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Girls Book Club

Year 5 and 6

3.15 - 4.00

Story time club

Year 1 and Year 2

3.15 - 4:00

Open to parents and children

3:15 - 4:00

Open to parents and children

3:15 - 4:00

Open to parents and children

3:15 - 4:00